Why More Companies Are Turning to Employer of Record (EOR) Services for Talent Engagement and Management

Why More Companies Are Turning to Employer of Record (EOR) Services for Talent Engagement and Management

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The current business climate is such that to remain viable, companies need to attain and maintain a competitive advantage. Talent engagement and management are two areas within a company that can create competitive advantages. Imagine outsourcing your entire logistics or financial administration department, but still having direct control over the technical direction and supervision of the work! That’s what an EOR service company can provide you with.  The EOR company takes over the recruitment, contractual engagement of approved appointees, onboarding through the probation period, payroll, all HR admin, employee relations counselling and all related IR processes associated with the team.  An EOR service can thus better ensure a company’s success through its expertise in talent engagement and management.

The Value of Talent Recruitment

There’s a difference between hiring someone to fill a job and recruiting someone with talent. While it’s intuitive to assume that the latter is the better strategy, what does the research say?

Value within a company is created by ensuring that key functional areas within a company are filled by the best people. Hiring an ill-suited person will have a negative impact on efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity levels. Instead of maximising these aspects, a company is more likely to drive up its daily internal time and monetary costs. Thus, as managers oversee and drive key functional areas, how good they are is highly impactful within a company.

Furthermore, talent recruitment has a bigger picture and longer-term view of filling a job than hiring someone to fill a vacancy. The result of this is that a company’s long-term goals are more likely to be met. Accordingly, the broader impact of a talent recruitment approach is on a company’s viability and its bottom line.

5 Benefits of Good Talent Recruitment

  1. The right people are hired.
  2. Retaining competitive advantages.
  3. Saves time.
  4. Saves money.
  5. Better futureproofing  of a company.

The Impact of Good Employee Management

The way staff are managed can keep a company open or cause it to close. This is because when the management of staff is good, it enables a company to attract and retain high-calibre staff. Good management of staff also results in better alignment of company objectives. As well as leads to a healthier work environment. Both of which impact the achievement rate of targets and profit.

5 Results of Effective Staff Management

  1. Efficiency gains and better productivity.
  2. Improved communication.
  3. Better company cohesion and collaboration.
  4. Higher staff retention.
  5. Impactful and consistent professional development.

Why Individuals Use Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies work with individuals who have a range of experience, from first-time job candidates to well-seasoned executives. They benefit individuals, primarily by enabling them to access a wide range of good and specialised employment opportunities, at no cost. A good recruitment agency matches a jobseeker’s skills to the correct vacancy. This is done by spearheading the job-hunting process and assisting with interviews. Once employed, they continue to provide support to both the individual and the company during the probationary period.

Why Companies Use Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Many companies reap the advantages of an EOR service. Specifically, when it comes to recruiting talent and outsourcing selected aspects of staff management. These two areas within a company can create risk and escalate costs, especially if a company is expanding into a new country. For example, filling a key position with the wrong person most often results in a loss of productivity. And, if that person is an ineffective or problematic manager, they could precipitate a loss of more proficient staff.

EOR services make working across multiple countries less complicated and more cost-effective. This is because EOR services are designed to enable clients to access and employ the right person for every position, at a reasonable rate. They also ensure legal compliance with local labour and tax laws, thereby decreasing risks associated with employing staff and operating in a foreign country. An EOR company accomplishes this by overseeing the recruitment processes and onboarding successful candidates. Thereafter they provide further support by managing functional areas such as Human Resource Management and administration of payrolls. Additionally, a good EOR company can provide relevant advice for their client as well as connect them with reliable service providers.

How to Find the Right EOR Company

A good EOR company’s processes should result in a client company being able to access stress-free recruitment with a reduced risk at a decreased cost and increased efficiencies. The company should be experienced in EOR services, with a proven successful record of accomplishment . They also need to have a strong local presence and/or have an existing partnership with locally based entities. This better ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the services being offered to clients.

The Key Recruitment Agency offers clients a comprehensive and guided recruitment process. This process aims to provide clients with a seamless employee approach. It does this by enabling Key Recruitment clients to find the best possible talent with minimal stress and costs. Key Recruitment also offers support and management services beyond the initial recruitment of employees.

The Key Recruitment Step-by-Step Recruitment of Talent and Management Process:

  1. In-depth Consultative Process.
  2. Bespoke Service.
  3. Agreed Timeframes.
  4. Recruitment (sourcing, vetting and interview support)
  5. Exclusivity of employees.
  6. Physical and digital office setups.
  7. Onboarding Assistance.
  8. Probationary Programme.
  9. Payroll Administration.
  10. Expert advice throughout the employment or EOR contract.

We at Key Recruitment Group pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive EOR Service in South Africa. Our  record of accomplishment  of over 40 years, consistently displays  how our recruitment of talent and management processes excel.

Through our EOR services, we work with our clients from defining services to operating them with continued in-country support and advice. We endeavour to always ensure that each of our client’s unique needs is continually met and their costs remain contained.

Contact us today. And find out how partnering with Key Recruitment for an EOR Service in South Africa can have a significantly positive outcome for your business expansion plans .