A Guide for Companies in the UK or Ireland to Use a South African EOR Service

A Guide for Companies in the UK or Ireland to Use a South African EOR Service


An Employer of Record (EOR) Service is a partnership between an expert in-country company and a client who wishes to expand strategically. The objective of this partnership is to enable business advantages for the client. There are several factors to consider when deciding where to use a professional EOR Service. This guide is for UK and Ireland-based companies who want to use a reputable EOR Service in South Africa.

What are EOR Services?

Employer of Record (EOR) Services are also known as International Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Services. EOR services enable a company to expand its operations to a new overseas location and hire proficient local employees.

The purpose of engaging an EOR service provider is to make working across multiple countries easier. It also better ensures that all legal requirements are fulfilled when the new office begins to operate. An EOR service also enables the expansion process to be expedited, more economically and easier for the company. This is because the onus to, for example, find suitable employees falls within the EOR service mandate and not the client.  Consequently, EOR services decrease the overall risk profile as well as overheads for a client.

Why Use EOR Services in South Africa

The latest Ryan Strategic Advisory Review (2022) rates South Africa (tied with India) as the world’s most favourable offshore delivery point. There are multiple reasons why EOR services based in South Africa evade the common challenges often experienced when expanding internationally. For example, South Africa is geographically well-placed, and thus time-zone appropriate, to offer services to many countries worldwide. Additionally, because the South African English accent is relatively neutral it is rated as one of the most easily understood.

What does The Key Recruitment Group Offer

The Key Recruitment Group (KRG) has over 40 years of experience within the South African and foreign labour markets. Its EOR service is comprehensive and headed by highly trained professionals. As such there are many inherent advantages to using Key Recruitment EOR services in South Africa.

KRG EOR Service Bouquet

  1. Recruitment and Search.
  2. Interview-Based Suitability Assessments.
  3. Comprehensive Candidate Background and Credibility Checks.
  4. Placement Facilitation and Assistance with On-Boarding.
  5. Monitoring and Recording of Progress during Probation.
  6. Full Payroll Administration and HR services including Employee relations and IR management.

Enjoy Access to Stress-Free Recruitment, Reduced Risk with Decreased Costs and Increased Efficiencies

The KRG offers bespoke EOR services. While our EOR Service Level Agreement (SLA) is standard for all clients, negotiated variations may be catered for by the introduction of an “Addendum to Standard Agreement” used to facilitate the inclusion of the details proposed in an amendment to our standard terms and conditions in order to better suit the needs of both parties. As well as ensuring that none of our clients experiences hidden costs once contracts are signed. This is one of the ways that KRG ensures that our clients can maximise the benefit of having us as their EOR Service provider.

Our Step-by-Step Guided Process

  1. In-depth Consultative Process: This is a cost-and-obligation-free consultation with our EOR experts to ascertain what services a client needs.
  2. Bespoke Service: We propose an SLA with addendums and client-specific documents. These details include for example, indicative salary range expectations based on current market values (in ZAR, GBP and Euros), Office location costs with multiple serviced options, office setup possibilities (inclusive of hardware), relocation strategies, standard employee contracts that cover all in-country legalities but also allow for client specific requirements.
  3. Timelines: Are agreed upon upfront. We seek to align our recruitment and setup processes with a client’s timeframes. The recruitment process takes approximately 2-3 weeks. It may be extended depending on the experience level of a required candidate. Selected candidates starting dates are negotiated around our client’s expected operation timelines and candidates’ notice periods.
  4. Recruitment: We assist with aligning a client’s job descriptions to country requirements and ensure that client needs per employee can be met. After sourcing suitably skilled and credible personnel options,  shortlisted candidates are presented to our client and an interview process commences. While we provide insight and advice to reduce risks, the final decision to employ a candidate remains with the client.
  5. Exclusivity: All Key Recruitment EOR Service-related employees are recruited exclusively for the services of one client. After recruitment, our clients are responsible for these personnel resources’ technical direction, training, and on-site supervisory management.
  6. Office Setups: We assist with finding suitable premises, purchasing equipment, relevant insurance processes and the practical setting up of facilities (physical and digital).
  7. Onboarding Assistance: Once a suitable candidate is found, our experts assist with their onboarding process. This is in relation to in-office, hybrid, and remote working employment options.
  8. Probationary Programme: As part of the initial oversight, we align our probationary programme with that of our client’s, which includes regular client feedback on employee performance. Thereafter we assist with substantiating the employment contracts or, in the unlikely event, cessation of employment.
  9. Payroll Administration: We manage the payment processes of staff and invoice clients accordingly. KRG will attend to payments, administer all appropriate statutory contributions and submissions (for example to government departments), handle compensation claims and fulfil employee-related tax obligations.
  10. Expert Advice: Throughout the contract period we provide prompt expertise and insight to our clients. We assist with troubleshooting and strategizing. We also provide access to client-appropriate support and professional services where needed. For example, legal and advisory council.

The KRG values strict client confidentiality and upholds all legal stipulations set out in regulatory acts such as the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act.

KRG offer the following Additional Benefits to Our Clients

  • Upfront-cost calculated contract, guaranteeing no hidden cost charges upon signing.
  • Recruitment fees are amortised over a 12-month period rather than invoiced as an upfront payment. This fee ceases upon the respective employee’s service extending into a second year.
  • Clients have the option to take over (transfer) employee contracts as set out in the SLA.
  • One-year contracts with renewable options inclusive of favourable terms and conditions.
  • Assistance with equipment also extends to any inverter requirements.
  • Oversee structured disciplinary processes, negotiation of a Mutual Separation Agreement (MSA) and termination of employment procedures.
  • Succour with labour legal processes, such as those associated with the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and labour court proceedings.
  • Regular meetings to provide feedback, workshop client requirements and challenges, troubleshoot and review services provided.

Above are a few of the added benefits we like to provide our clients with. For further information on how we augment the value of our South African-based EOR services contact us.

Key Recruitment EOR Services in South Africa

We at Key Recruitment Group pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive EOR Service in South Africa. This means that we work with our clients from defining services to operating them with continued in-country support and advice. We endeavour to always ensure that each of our client’s unique needs is continually met and their costs remain contained.

Contact us today. And find out how partnering with Key Recruitment for an EOR Service in South Africa can help take your business to its next level.