Allan Pike


Executive Recruitment & Staffing

Allan Pike, leads our Executive Recruitment and Search Desk relying on a foundational understanding of the principals of good leadership learnt over many years in business coupled with Executive line management and Search expertise.

Key Executive offers a dynamic and innovative Search and Placement capability that amounts to a very personal premium service, supported by an established network of business executives.

Whichever process clients choose, it is our firm belief that every Senior Appointment is characterised by a unique set of requirements and that these rest in executive leaders who demonstrate a solid set of personal values and uncompromising integrity.

It follows that the process of securing the services of such executive personnel must be individually, skilfully and creatively tailored to reveal the character and competence of the candidate prospects. This is the true essence of Executive Placements.

Contingent Risk: Contingent risk recruitment involves accessing the market at the appropriate level to seek out suitable personnel from those who, for whatever reason, are generally engaged with the market in search of a new appointment.

Direct Search: The direct search process extends activities to searching out executive profiles that are not necessarily considering a career change, but whose experience profile is considered a potentially good match with the client’s need. This is a very time consuming process involving a considerable amount of research conducted by engaged professional executive research consultants who compile a list of researched profiles for Consultant engagement.

Key Executive Placements and Search is founded on the values of the Key Recruitment Group that has been operating successfully in South Africa since its establishment in 1976, placing a very high regard for credibility and integrity of the Executive profiles it presents for placement.

Our executive placements strategy is fine-tuned for success.

This is a professional service undertaken by an associate Psychologist on request. The purpose of the assessment process is to scientifically observe the intellectual and characteristic competencies of the Candidate or employee and to highlight potential “blind spots” in their respective profiles.

Comprehensive feedback to both Client and Candidate would normally be given, in such a way that the assessment is perceived as a positive and constructive experience.

The greater value of our Mentoring Consultancy results in assisting new appointees to integrate with, and ‘bed in’ quickly and successfully to their new environment. It facilitates the process of building important workplace relationships, and ensuring that they do not become ‘lonely at the top’!

Mentoring hastens the development of leaders through the enhancement of their communication skills, assertiveness, decision making, planning and problem solving. It involves collaborative support from an objective source. Often superiors are unavailable or for some reason inappropriate to undertake this responsibility.

We offer a service that will assist greatly in these areas, leading to enhanced individual career progression and personal growth.

The new manager will invariably be required to inherit an existing team, build a new one, or most likely revitalise an underperforming organisation. Mentoring can play a pivotal role in assisting and supporting a new (or existing) leader through the process of establishing a cohesive and competent team that is highly motivated to collectively achieve its goals.

In order to succeed, a leader must be able to articulate a Vision that will excite and motivate their team. By building trust and ensuring the involvement of each individual in planning processes, they will more readily commit to the goal of realising the ‘Vision’. The next step involves working with the team to develop a consensus on the strategy, and the roles of each team member in bringing it to fruition.

As an extension of our consultancy service, we are able to offer our extensive hands-on experience to assist in optimizing team performance, including the facilitation of Strategic Planning processes.

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