BPO & Offshoring Recruitment

A cost efficient and stress free personnel resourcing service that will save you time and money!

Our “Smart Resourcing” offer is a most compelling solution to meeting your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) needs. We offer high quality full time office or home-based remote staffing services delivered by carefully selected and talented personnel.

Bottom line, we’ll save you money, time and stress!

Say hello to remote stress free resourcing and goodbye to the strain and tensions of recruitment and associated risk and management costs!

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    What is Smart Resourcing (Business Process Outsourcing (BPO))?

    Business Process Outsourcing / Smart Resourcing is when a Client Company contracts a specific work process or processes to an external service provider to deliver the service/s required.

    In this context Clients use our established infrastructure, management and accounting service facilities to procure, employ, accommodate, equip and manage a team of specific personnel for their exclusive service without the need for them to have their own offices or the risk of directly employing staff.

    The services can for example include, data capture, financial administration/accounting, payroll administration, logistics administration, telemarketing, legal document administration, social media marketing, customer support, and more.

    General benefits of Smart Resourcing through Key Offshoring:

    • Scale without increasing overheads
    • No need to increase office space in current location
    • Increased access to a broader pool of personnel
    • Reduction in costs
    • Reduced risk (no need to directly employ staff)
    • Improved productivity

    What is Offshoring?

    Client Companies often consider establishing their technical or administration services work centres in countries offering a more attractive infrastructure and skills cost consideration.

    We assist Companies looking to Offshore their businesses by providing them with a complete Project Management service associated with establishing their operations in South Africa.

    Our services could include registration of the business locally; procuring business premises; sourcing and placement of personnel; overseeing the procurement of all equipment and IT infrastructure as well as securing professional services that include Commercial Attorneys and Accounting services.

    What is Outsourcing?

    Outsourcing is when a company contracts a supplier with the necessary infrastructure and resources to provide specific services or manufacturing associated with a particular need, without themselves incurring the cost of establishing and maintaining the required infrastructure. The motivation for this is usually to obtain non-core services/products or interim staffing.

    Our services include the provision of specialist professional management and technical personnel (i.e. Legal, IT, Financial, Engineering and Project Management) for Clients’ interim staffing requirements.

    Why Offshore with us?

    The Key Recruitment Group has been part of the Recruitment and Outsourcing Services landscape in South Africa for over 40 years. Blessed with insightful and experienced personnel, we are positioned to provide a highly efficient, well managed and competent Offshore or Remote Personnel Resourcing Service. We are one of the few Outsourcing specialists in South Africa that offer professional and cost-effective home and office based bespoke solutions for your business.

    Why Offshore to South Africa?

    South Africa was voted the world’s second most desirable Offshore customer service delivery site out of 240 global participants for the third year running (Ryan Strategic advisory review 2020).

    The current global macroeconomic situation has forced organizations to look at innovative ways to reduce costs. Several European, US, and Australian companies are successfully Offshoring complex business processes to South Africa. The majority of these services are in the banking, financial services, and insurance domain, but they are expanding into other sectors as well. South Africa is also viewed as the gateway to Africa, with companies using delivery centers to service prominent African countries.

    What makes South Africa the perfect Offshoring location?

    An ample supply of highly qualified and skilled personnel that are proficient in English but also offer wider linguistic capabilities in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.
    Significant cost savings (30-60%) due to the favourable exchange rate and lower workforce employments costs.
    First world infrastructure and management skills.

    Let us help you build your team

    Discuss your requirements with us, we offer a free consultation or please fill in this form and we will come back to you

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      What do you require assistance with?

      Build a team

      How to hire individual staff members or build a team?

      We will help you every step of the way, including creating a job description, recruiting the best candidates, onboarding, payroll, monitoring and managing.

      Step by step process


      • We consult with you to understand your specific business needs and establish if we can be of service.
      • We establish what type of staffing arrangement will best suit your needs.
      • Do you require office or home based remote/virtual staff?
      • Can the type of work you require be completed by remote/virtual staff?


      You provide us with a job description which we discuss to ensure that all of the requirements can be met by a specific candidate and the structure within which they operate (what monitoring protocols or software are required).


      • We usually have a 2-3-week turnaround time to ensure that we find you the best candidate/s related to the job description provided.
      • We will provide you with their resumes and associated hiring cost. You as the client will approve and have final say in the respect to the people employed.


      • Once a candidate has been appointed we will assist with the onboarding process.


      • We will agree upfront on what monitoring systems you as a client want to implement.


      • We pay the staff and invoice you the client once a month in advance. We expect you to pay within 7 days.


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        Home or office based?

        Do you require home or office-based staff?

        There are many factors which affect one’s decision on using home or office-based staff. These include: cost; infrastructure; security; system requirements and specific roles required.

        Home based

        Office based


        Hiring home based virtual staff usually comes at a lower costs as less infrastructure is required for set up.

        We have relationships with office based facilities in South Africa where we will set up a fit for purpose office on your behalf at a competitive rate.


        Limited infrastructure required.

        We can provide world class Offshore infrastructure including: Individual work stations; training rooms; board rooms; reliable internet connection; IT security systems; physical security measures; air-conditioning and refreshment station.

        Security and system requirements

        Home based staff can still work on specific platforms that are required and will have the basic infrastructure needed. We can provide software to help monitor virtual staff.

        Office based set ups are more suitable for businesses that require, stringent data security, face to face interaction and a very stable infrastructure with additional backup systems if required.

        Examples of specific roles for home and office based work

        SEO specialist
        Digital marketing specialist
        Graphic designer
        Virtual assistant
        Web developers

        Software teams that require face to face collaboration
        Customer and technical support (inbound or outbound)
        Data input or capture teams
        Accounting or financial admin teams
        Import/export teams
        Teams that require supervision

        CONTACT US

          Please give us your name, email address and contact number in the space provided and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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          Roles and Pricing

          What roles are best suited for offshoring and what wages are typically paid for these personnel?

          Finance and Administration

          Software development and support

          Marketing and Sales

          Savings that can be achieved by using our Virtual South African staff

          The table below depicts the salary savings that can be achieved by using our remote “Smart Resourcing” service offering to fill specific roles. The table compares the all in costs associated with the employment of South African virtual staff versus staff in the United Kingdom (GBP). These are estimations of salary costs for specific roles, which will vary depending of the job description and experience required.

          The South African personnel employment costs include all statutory contributions to workmen’s compensation, unemployment fund provision, Skills levy and office operational costs (Viz. office space; computer hardware, infrastructure and management oversight etc.). The UK costs include only salary plus statutory contributions for social security and pension. By comparison we are still able to provide savings of between 30 and 60% on related personnel payroll costs.

          Meet some of our virtual staff

          We offer high quality full time office or home-based remote staff.
          Click their photos for a full description.