Just Because You Are At Your Desk, Doesn’t Mean You Are At Work.

Just Because You Are At Your Desk, Doesn’t Mean You Are At Work.

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In a country where absenteeism costs the economy between R12bn and R16bn annually, an employee’s physical and mental health has become a major focus.

Occupational Care South Africa said over 15% of staff were absent on any given day, while two out of three employees who failed to show up for work weren’t physically ilMindful Revolutionl.

“But the question is not only how many people are absent from work, but also how few people are present at work,” Adrian Jacobs told Fin24 at the launch of Mindful Revolution.

“A recent poll showed that 33% felt dead-ended, 42% felt burnt out and 88% did not feel strongly energised by their work.”

Companies around the world have started to realise that physical wellbeing was only one aspect of a healthy employee and that mind/heart practises were just as important to ensure a healthy workforce.

It was within this context that a company that is bringing mindfulness to organisations was introduced to the media in Cape Town last week.

Jacobs said Mindful Revolution was launched with the aim to increase personal effectiveness in the workplace through workshops and ongoing training that highlights the correct techniques and strategies needed. It aims to bring integrative body-mind principles to cultivate optimal and peak performance for individuals in life and at work.

Mindful Revolution has brought together qualified practitioners that focus on neuro-feedback, biofeedback, mindfulness and bio-energetics to give holistic training and techniques to businesses.

Jacobs (35), a former oil trader who was addicted to life in the fast lane, discovered mindfulness a year ago when he hung up his oil boots in London and came to Cape Town to find his way back to reality.








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