Job Readiness & the Power Of Work

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Zanokhanyo Network and Common Good making a positive difference in Employment, Education and Early Childhood Development.

As Key Recruitment we are passionate about people and employment. It is such a wonderful experience to see people find meaningful work opportunities and for our employers to have engaged and valuable employees. We see work as a means to contributing meaningfully in society and want everyone to have the opportunity to make an impact.

But what happens when people cannot find work? What happens when one lacks the skills to make a meaningful contribution? When someone has been dealt a bad hand through circumstance or bad decisions…is there hope?

As Key Recruitment we have built a relationship with Common Good and The Zanokhanyo Network to find creative ways to address the unemployment issue in South Africa. Common Good is an NGO, started through a local church in Cape Town, that has been on a mission to making a positive difference in Employment, Education and Early Childhood Development. Check out their website and the events of 2017 to see what Common Good has been up to that makes them worth supporting!

The Zanokhanyo Network was birthed with the vision of preparing people for the working world by equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to make an impact. Their job readiness programmes saw 800 graduates go through their doors in 2017 alone. There have been 7 community areas impacted with training opportunities through Zanokhanyo.

So where do Key Recruitment and The Zanokhanyo Network partner together? Well, as a team at Key we recognise the power of collaboration and partnership in tackling the big issues in South Africa. So, when we receive jobs that would fall outside of our normal scope of work, such as unskilled or semi-skilled positions, we recommend The Zanokhanyo to our clients. With their job readiness programmes preparing graduates to be meaningful members of any organisation, we feel confident that they will be able to assist our clients in placing great people in their workplace.

We want to be an organisation that leaves a positive mark on South Africa for decades to come and we believe that we can do that one life at a time. Whether you are looking for work or are looking to employ good people we would encourage you to get in touch with us and let’s see how we can assist you.

Have a look through The Zanokhanyo Network website to hear more stories and see how you can get involved in impacting South Africa, one person at a time.