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Lee (#202927)

Title 1: Mechanical Design and Materials Engineering
Title 2: Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials

Background check: Yes


  • Diploma Software Engineering (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan – Sweden)
  • PhD Materials Science (Uppsala University – Sweden)
  • MSc Medical Engineering (The University of Hull – UK)
  • BTech Mechanical Engineering (CPUT – RSA)


My skills lie in the engineering domain, specifically focused on Materials Physics and Computation. I have published in Elsevier and other Open Access Journals for Materials Physics magazines, where I have studied Titanium alloys and developed new alloy classes for use in Biomaterials. Through my academic contributions I earned my PhD in this area. Coupled to this is my experience as a Technical Specialist at Mediclinic SA, where I focused on management of medical assets in the hospitals. Besides the medical focus of my career, I have an education in software and full stack development, specifically focused on Java Spring Framework and React JS. My interests lie in implementing Neural Networks in Javascript, and I have implemented Natural Language Processing in previous projects. (Please see my github repo and hosted websites).

Most enjoys

I like challenging topics which require a fair bit of searching for the answer and problems that require a fair amount of math or physics to solve it. I enjoy writing code to solve problems and to automate tasks using programming, but also enjoy designing physical products using 3D modelling and design calculations.

Best at

I am good at backend REST APi development in Spring Framework, and connecting the Front end react applications to the backend and the server. I am also excellent at physics and designing systems using first-principle design.

Looking for opportunity in

I prefer to work at a larger corporation that faces big problems where a single decision often has far reaching effects. I like the complexity of thinking through and executing solutions to solve difficult and nuanced problems. The work culture that I enjoy most is where people are comfortable to do their best and are encouraged to do so.